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The Youth Accountability and Strategy Network (YAS! Network) is a regional youth-led organization working to coordinate, promote and facilitate meaningful young engagement for successful implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in Africa. The network brings together adolescent and young people including youth-led/focused organizations, who engage with decision makers, development partners, civil society organizations and other stakeholders towards strategic response plans for participation, accountability and partnerships in achieving sustainable development.

YAS! Network is advancing the needs and aspirations of young people by recognizing their roles and contributions. Our work is informed by the desire to come together and embark on initiatives of common interest, whether involving the entire network or a group of like-minded organisations within the network. We are working with governments and the development sector pushing for commitments to ensure that young people are brought to the forefront of the decisions, policies and strategies in implementing, monitoring and evaluating the SDGs.


Our Goal

To drive a multi-stakeholder partnership to catalyse and advance comprehensive youth strategies, initiatives and accountability mechanisms that creates opportunities for genuine youth-led change towards achieving sustainable development.

Our Objectives

  1. To serve as a platform to tap youth voices and creativity at the local, national and regional level to inform decisions, strategies and initiatives that improve their wellbeing.
  2. To engage governments and stakeholders to advocate for youth participation spaces to communicate ideas and actions that promote inclusion and accountability.
  3. To facilitate and promote national and regional youth-led initiatives focused on the implementation and accountability of Agenda 2030.



Young people from all backgrounds, cultures, diversity and ages are included and meaningfully participating in all decision making levels and development process.


Young people having access to information including capacity to engage and governments open to listen to them and act in upholding accountability.

Youth Leadership

Supporting youth-led development by nurturing and building capacity of young leaders to be agents of change by engaging in policy processes and taking leadership positions in political, economic and social levels.


Young people working together to transform their countries with governments and stakeholders consulting and genuinely partnering with them.



We are committed to meaningful youth participation by ensuring governments and stakeholders create opportunities for young people to be involved in influencing, designing and contributing to policy and the programs development.

Leadership & Governance

We are working to promote youth leadership including policies and a governance system that is participatory and responsive to the needs of young people; with transparent and accountable government institutions.

Sexual & Reproductive Health

We work in supporting young people’s interventions to Sexual and Reproductive health at national and regional level through advocacy, strategic information sharing and evidence gathering to influence decisions and programmes in regard to SRHR and HIV/AIDS

Decent Work

YAS! Network is working to ensure youth employment strategies and programs benefit and incorporate the ideas and insights of young people asĀ  we also empower the youth with skills and resources to benefit from productive employment opportunities.